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In Third-Quarter Fundraising, Bernie Sanders Beats Elizabeth Warren, Biden Trails Behind

Bernie Sanders campaign fundraising

Q3 fundraising numbers are trickling in, showing Bernie Sanders secured a lead over Elizabeth Warren, while Joe Biden trails behind by nearly $10 million.


Third-quarter fundraising numbers are trickling in, revealing Bernie Sanders secured a lead over Elizabeth Warren. Joe Biden, however, is trailing behind Sanders and Warren by nearly $10 million.

Third-quarter numbers include fundraising dollars from July, August, and September. The Federal Election Commission does not require candidates to disclose their fundraising numbers until Oct. 15, but many release their numbers early to heighten media attention.

The numbers came in as follows:

Bernie Sanders — $25.3 million (polling at 16.8%)

According to ABC, “the Sanders campaign became the fastest in history to eclipse 1 million unique donors, and the campaign continues to note with pride that Sanders is not participating in high-dollar, closed-door events.

The most common occupation of Sanders’ donors was “teacher.” The three most common employers that donated to Sanders’ campaign were Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart.

Elizabeth Warren — $24.6 million (polling at 24%)

According to Warren’s campaign, she gained 300,000 new donors.

The average contribution to Warren was $26.

Pete Buttigieg — $19.1 million (polling at 5.5%)

While Buttigieg’s Q3 number is down from his Q2 number, $24.8 million, he still remains in the top three thus far.

Buttigieg had 182,000 new donors to his campaign, with an average contribution of $32.

Joe Biden — $15.2 million (polling at 26.2%)

For being the front-runner in the race, Biden’s fundraising numbers were abysmal compared to Warren’s and Sanders’. Biden is down $6.8 million from his Q2 fundraising number.

Biden also has the highest average donation in the field thus far at $44.

Kamala Harris — $11.6 million (polling at 4.8%)

Harris’ Q3 numbers were also underwhelming. She has raised a total of $35.5 million overall, but that is less than $10 million shy of what Sanders and Warren raised in just one quarter.

The average contribution to Harris’ campaign was $34.

Andrew Yang — $10 million (polling at 3.5%)

Yang had a successful Q3 fundraising amount compared to his Q2 number of $2.8 million. While he is far behind the top three candidates, this massive surge represents Yang’s increase in popularity.

Cory Booker — $6 million (polling at 1.7%)

Booker’s campaign announced that one-third of Booker’s Q3 fundraising money came in the 10 days after the campaign issued a memo warning it needed to raise at least $1.7 million before the end of the quarter.

The following candidates that have qualified for the October debate have yet to publicly release their Q3 fundraising numbers:

  1. Beto O’Rourke
  2. Amy Klobuchar
  3. Tulsi Gabbard
  4. Julián Castro
  5. Tom Steyer

(This article will be updated as candidates continue to release their Q3 numbers.) 

The number that continues to eclipse all 2020 candidates is the record number the Republican National Committee garnered after House Democrats called for an impeachment inquiry.

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Axios reported that the GOP and RNC garnered $125 million in Q3 for the campaign to re-elect Trump.