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Hillary Clinton Repeats Falsehood She Once Said Endangered Democracy

Hillary Clinton

Clinton once claimed that if Trump refused to accept the 2016 election results, it would be a “direct threat to our democracy.” Now she’s threatening democracy, according to her own definition.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton peddled conspiracy theories on “The View” Wednesday when she said President Trump is an “illegitimate president” and said he is trying to cover up Russian election interference.

“He’s obsessed with the fact that he was helped a lot in unprecedented ways,” she said in contradiction to the now-debunked and investigated Russian dossier that was funded by her own political campaign.


In 2016, before she lost the presidential election, Clinton tweeted, “Donald Trump refused to say that he’d respect the results of this election. That’s a direct threat to our democracy.”

Later that same week, she said at campaign rallies in New Hampshire and North Carolina, “To say you won’t respect the results of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy.” Attacking Trump as a “threat” to democracy became a key talking point throughout her campaign.

According to her own definition, Clinton is now actively “threatening democracy” as part of her book tour on national television. Clinton’s description of Trump as “illegitimate” ignores the fact that millions of Americans voted for Trump instead of voting for her.

Even though the Russian collusion narrative imploded after a two-year special counsel investigation found zero collusion, Clinton told “The View” that Trump was “helped.”

“Part of the Ukraine scandal that is slowly coming to light is he’s trying to figure out how to say, ‘No, no, it wasn’t the Russians,’ even though our intelligence community and everyone who has looked at this said, ‘Yeah, yeah, it was the Russians,’” Clinton said.

In fact, both the misdeeds of the Clinton campaign and the intelligence community’s partisan illegal activity have been exposed throughout investigations of the Russian collusion hoax and now with the Ukrainian “scandals” Clinton referred to.

Clinton’s denial of the duly elected president of the United States not only reveals her own hypocrisy when it comes to concerns for the state of democracy, but it also displays how her own campaign’s transactions with foreign actors have damaged American democracy and elections, possibly beyond repair.