A$AP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault, Won’t Serve Further Jail Time

A$AP Rocky Found Guilty Of Assault, Won’t Serve Further Jail Time

American rapper A$AP Rocky and two of his “crew” members were found guilty on charges of assault in Sweden.

In a viral video, Rocky and his crew were walking down the streets of Stockholm while a man harassed Rocky, his crew, and their body guard. The man that prosecuted Rocky instigated the conflict by hitting Rocky’s bodyguard with headphones.

Many public figures stood up for Rocky, the most notable being President Donald Trump.

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According to TMZ, the four judges ruled that Rocky and his crew were “not entitled to self-defense,” but “the case hinged on whether A$AP threw a bottle” at the man harassing him during the encounter. If Rocky was found guilty of hitting the man with the bottle, many speculated his prison sentence could extend for up to two years.

Rocky said he was holding the bottle but claimed it never made contact with the man.

Not a single witness could corroborate the man’s story that Rocky hit him with the bottle. A lack of sufficient evidence ensured Rocky and his crew will not serve any further jail time.

Rocky and crew have served a month in jail already. They were released in early August to await the results of their trial.

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According to TMZ, Rocky and his crew will be forced to pay restitution to the man they assaulted, as well as Swedish court fees.

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