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Democratic Deputy Chair Meets With Far-Left U.K. Leader Accused Of Anti-Semitism

Keith Ellison’s meeting with the infamous leader is troubling as the Democrat Party continues to fend off accusations of failing to take anti-Semitism seriously.


Amidst accusations that the Democratic Party is slowly “Corbynizing,” Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison opted to meet with the leader of the U.K. Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. This furthers the contention that the American Democratic Party does not take anti-Semitism seriously and has no real intentions of doing so. Instead of condemning anti-Semitism, Democrats are embracing it.

The term “Corbynization” has come to encapsulate, as Josh Hammer of The Daily Wire perfectly phrased it, “the metastasization of the once-pro-Israel Democratic Party into a U.K. Labour Party-esque leftist outfit that routinely shills for Jew-haters.” Corbyn has been under frequent fire as of late for providing a platform to anti-Semites both within and outside his party, casting himself as a sympathetic character to those ostracized and condemned for spouting anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Corbyn’s culture of Jew-hatred within the U.K. Labour Party has resulted in nine MPs (members of Parliament) opting to defect from the party in 2019 alone, many citing anti-Semitism under Corbyn’s auspices as one of their chief concerns. Thus, Ellison’s decision to flaunt his meeting with the infamous leader is particularly troubling in an era when the American Democratic Party continues to fend off accusations of failing to take anti-Semitism seriously.

Indeed, just a few days ago, 2020 Democrat presidential contender Sen. Corey Booker (D-NJ) announced at a prayer breakfast that he would be willing to meet with known bigot Louis Farrakhan. It was a disturbing statement, given Farrakhan’s anti-Semitic, anti-white, and anti-gay rhetoric has been circulating within the media following the discovery of his connections to the left-wing Women’s March.

But Ellison’s willingness to cozy up to an anti-Semite should come as no surprise, as Ellison has a long history of cavorting with anti-Semites. More than two years ago, professor Alan Dershowitz penned an op-ed in The Hill titled, “I will leave the Democrats if Ellison is elected its chairman,” where he detailed Ellison’s former association with Farrakhan and admiration for Stokley Carmichael, also known for spreading Jew-hating rhetoric.

Ellison even headlined an event in 2009 for a former candidate for Virginia state delegate who had declared to a group of Palestinians that “the jihad way is the way to liberate your land,” emphasizing that terrorism was the primary means to eliminating their Jewish neighbors.

Thus, Ellison’s decision to meet with Corbyn and publicize that meeting reveals a level of brazen disregard for the accusations of anti-Semitism that continue to swirl around Corbyn—and arguably, around the American Democratic Party. It is not merely “right-wing outlets” attacking Corbyn. The U.K. Labour Party is bleeding members as a result of Corbyn’s enabling of Jew-hatred.

I used to believe that the American Democratic Party was an ample five to ten years away from reaching the level of “progressive” anti-Semitism that has infected the U.K. Labour Party. Now, I no longer believe this. It seems we may be fast approaching that reality, if we’re not already there.