Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson is a Staff Writer at the Federalist and a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. Find her on Twitter at @politicalelle.
Terrorists Fire Hundreds Of Rockets Into Israel, But Majority of 2020 Democratic Contenders Are Silent

Israel’s Islamic jihadist neighbors in Gaza have attacked America’s closest ally for the last three days. Why are Biden and Buttigieg the only 2020 candidates speaking up?

Trump Administration Vows To Fight EU Decision To Put Warning Labels On Jewish Products

Yesterday, the EU’s Court of Justice, the highest court in the EU, ruled that Jewish products made in contested areas of Israel must bear consumer warning labels.

Schiff Lies Yet Again, Claims To Not Know Who The Whistleblower Is

Chairman Adam Schiff says he does not know who the whistleblower is, but threatened members if they outed the whistleblower’s identity. How would he know?

Why A Warren Presidency Would Jeopardize Retirement Funds

Warren’s proposed legislation to rein in corporate governance practices would likely torpedo retirement savings, punishing everyday Americans for the alleged sins of nebulous corporate overlords.

San Francisco’s New Socialist, Soft On Crime D.A. Is The Last Thing The City Needs

A former employee of Hugo Chavez and self-proclaimed socialist who wants to give criminals lower sentences during a crime wave — what could go wrong?

Yovanovitch Emailed With Dem Staffer After Whistleblower Complaint, Contradicting Under-Oath Testimony

What makes the email particularly unsettling is that it indicates former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch possibly committed perjury during her ‘impeachment inquiry’ deposition, where she was questioned under oath.

Emails Reveal Burisma Consulting Firm Leveraged Hunter Biden To Get State Dept. Meetings

 A State Department email from February 2016 cited specifically Hunter Biden’s involvement with Burisma when discussing the possibility of setting up a meeting with Burisma’s consulting firm.

Requiring The Bidens To Testify Would Help Determine If They Thought America Was For Sale

If impeaching President Donald Trump is truly about arriving at the truth, then Democrats should have no problem including Joe and Hunter Biden in the impeachment proceedings.

NBC Writer Claimed Trump Rejected Native American Heritage Month. It Was A Lie

Like most matters the media seizes upon with President Trump, this allegation was simply untrue. But that dishonesty didn’t stop the lie from spreading while the NBC writer doubled down.

Nine Americans Slaughtered In Likely Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

The anarchic chaos unfolding below our southern border may necessitate a response from the United States. The question is when.

Can Democrats Nominate A Radical Leftist And Defeat Trump? It’s Unlikely

The latest polling numbers from New York Times/Siena College indicate that a socialist candidate might be a tough sell in 2016 battleground states.

California’s ‘Woke’ Prop 47 Doomed Cities With Crime Rings And Theft

Prop 47 was initially passed to emphasize rehabilitation of non-violent offenders. Now, it’s how criminal gangs immunize themselves from felony charges.

House GOP Fed Up With Crooked Impeachment Inquiry: ‘It’s A Sham’

In a press conference Thursday, House GOP members offered a stunning rebuke of a fundamentally unfair so-called impeachment inquiry.

After NCAA Rule Change, Richard Burr Promises To Punish Predominantly Non-White College Athletes With Huge Tax Increase

Burr’s proposal calls for an unequal application of the income tax and would hurt predominantly minority student-athletes.

Joe Biden Repeatedly Asked Federal Agencies To Do What His Son’s Lobbying Clients Wanted

The latest revelations further buttress accusations that Joe Biden’s work as senator and vice president frequently assisted Hunter Biden’s business interests.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Refuses To Vote For Bill Recognizing Armenian Genocide

Omar has stated she is an advocate of human rights. This self-identification seems incompatible with Tuesday’s vote.

Trump Was Right To Keep The Baghdadi Raid Secret From Schiff

Rep. Adam Schiff has spent the vast majority of Trump’s presidency peddling unfounded (and debunked) conspiracy theories and ‘leaking’ false information to countless media outlets

DNC Raises Thresholds For Candidates To Qualify For December Debate

As we approach the midpoint of the Democratic debate season, the DNC has released its threshold requirements for the sixth Democratic debate in Los Angeles.

Ilhan Omar Is Against Sanctions, Except When The Target Is Israel

Boycott, divest, sanction queen Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) published an op-ed in The Washington Post yesterday condemning the use of sanctions to motivate countries to change.

Sen. Josh Hawley Calls On NBA, U.S. Corporations To ‘Show A Little Backbone’

Senator Josh Hawley gave a full-throated and much needed condemnation of American corporations that continue to bend the knee to Beijing on the Senate floor.