Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson is a Staff Writer at the Federalist and a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. She currently serves as a Fellow at the Center for International Law in the Middle East (CILME) at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. She writes about Israel, the Middle East, and related issues. Find her on Twitter at @politicalelle.
Is Hysteria Over Whistleblower A Distraction From Biden’s Ukraine Policy?

Much of the discussion of the whistblower complaint has been centered on amplifying and condemning Trump’s behavior without much mention of what Joe Biden’s son was doing in Ukraine. That’s likely on purpose.

New Hillsdale Graduate School To Challenge Washington DC’s Love Of Bureaucracy

In a sea of master’s programs devoted to the upkeep of the status quo, Hillsdale hopes to cultivate a community of political thinkers whose ingenuity is only deepened by a profound understanding of America’s Founding.

Censure Vote Against Kyrsten Sinema Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Democrats’ very public reprimand of Sinema is not about addressing dissatisfaction among the electorate. It’s about shaming someone for not prioritizing uniformity over the interests of voters.

New Women’s March Board Member Hates Israel, Claims FBI Recruits For ISIS

It seems that the Women’s March may have replaced bigotry with bigotry in their new board member, Zahra Billoo.

Don’t Dismiss Trump’s U.S.-Israel Pact Tweet As A ‘Political Stunt’

Given the complexity and intensity of the existing U.S.-Israel alliance, it seems unlikely that a pact of this nature would alter the dynamic tremendously. It may, however, alter the behavior of Israel’s neighbors.

Ilhan Omar Doubles-Down On Anti-Israel BDS In ‘Face The Nation’ Interview

Rep. Omar attempted to address her history of controversial comments, but the congresswoman’s responses did little to mitigate concerns her critics have raised.

Three Questions Everyone Should Be Asking About The Israeli Spying Allegations

These questions are to remind audiences, particularly American ones that might be less aware of Israeli politics, to exercise healthy skepticism toward “bombshell” allegations when they appear just days before an election.

Israel’s Sovereignty Claims Over The Jordan Valley Are Legitimate

For those with any familiarity of Israeli politics, Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement is unsurprising. A nation cannot annex land over which it already has sovereign claims.

Are Conservative Students Cowards If They Don’t Publicly Advocate For Their Beliefs?

Although Brad Polumbo’s approach to political debate in college undoubtedly evinces a certain heroism, his argument misses the mark by labeling more politically closeted students cowards.

CAIR Research Director Previously Praised NGO With Jihadist Ties

The fact that Abbas Barzegar conducts research for CAIR while praising those who materially support jihadists is a troubling phenomenon, but points to a larger problem within the field of NGOs.

Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off Against Demands For Blacklisting Trump’s Hollywood Supporters

Whoopi Goldberg’s public criticism of those calling for lists of Trump’s Hollywood supporters offered a much-needed critique on the entire idea of publishing blacklists.

Left Pushes To Erase High Achievers From University Halls Simply Because They’re White And Male

There’s a recent push within academia to remove pictures of scientists, Nobel Prize winners, deans, and various other accolade recipients from the walls of university halls under the auspices of their insufficient racial and sex differences.

American Alleges Qatari Royal Threatened Him With A Glock For Liberating Captive U.S. Citizens

As Qatar’s political influence grows in the United States, from the Brookings Institution to Al Jazeera, can the Qatari regime be held accountable for wrongdoings it commits against American citizens?

Elliott Broidy Case Illuminates How Far The Media Will Go To Attack Private Citizens To Get Trump

Elliott Broidy’s story is a harrowing warning of the capacity of a hyper-partisan media to be influenced by foreign operatives to attack the president and silence an American citizen.

No, CNN, Israel’s Limits On Tlaib’s Entry Are Not A ‘Travel Ban’

CNN’s desire to call travel restrictions on Rep. Rashida Tlaib a ‘travel ban’ despite no such ban evinces how inaccurate CNN’s coverage has become of ‘the Squad’ and Israel.

Shocking Ethics Report Proves Trump Was Right To Defund UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

In the past decade alone, the United States poured more than $3 billion into the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, which a new report tars for corruption.

No, You Don’t Have To Be Jewish To Oppose Anti-Semitism

Talia Lavin argues the right is only condemning the left’s rising anti-Semitism because it is politically advantageous. Consider the myopia it takes to criticize the person who calls out anti-Semitism instead of the anti-Semite.

Hiring Pro-Hamas Aide Completes Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Israel Pivot

Warren’s targeting of GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy is just the latest episode in the senator’s move to embrace the anti-Israel left.

Democratic Deputy Chair Meets With Far-Left U.K. Leader Accused Of Anti-Semitism

Keith Ellison’s meeting with the infamous leader is troubling as the Democrat Party continues to fend off accusations of failing to take anti-Semitism seriously.

Cory Booker Says He’s Up For Listening To The Racist Louis Farrakhan

Cory Booker’s comments serve as a steady reminder that the Democratic Party does not regard anti-Semitism as a form of ethnic hatred, but a mere difference of opinion.