Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson

Erielle is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA).

A Closer Look At The Iraqi Immigrant Woman Challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar

Baghdad-born Dalia al-Aqidi says Rep. Illhan Omar ‘supports Islamists and enemies of America and Israel, and there are no exceptions.’

Adam Schiff Would Be The Last Person To Get A GOP Senator To ‘Cross Over’

If the Democrats want to garner crossover votes in the impeachment trial, Rep. Adam Schiff is the last person who should be managing the impeachment circus.

The Women’s March Is More About Trump Than About Women

This wasn’t a march for women — this was a march against Trump, marketed toward women.

Derrick Henry Is Creating A New Cult Around Running Backs

The first time I saw Derrick Henry play in person, he wasn’t a red and white figure racing across the screen. I had managed to fly Read Full Article >

‘Human Rights’ Activist Loves Settlements As Long As They’re Not Israeli

Sara Leah Whitson publicly campaigns on behalf of settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh, but against settlements Israelis put up.

Despite Disputes, European Allies Are Not Ready To Kill The Iran Nuclear Deal

Past behavior from the major European powers has shown that, unlike Washington, they are far more eager to appease Iran, and far more persistent.

Are Democrats Silent On Iran Because They’re Angling To Resurrect The Iran Deal?

Just as the Democrats ignored Iranian protesters in 2010 to allow the Iran Deal to come into existence, they’re likely ignoring them once again in order to resurrect it.

Despite Tweeting Often About Iran This Week, No 2020 Democratic Contender Has Commented on Iranian Protests

Whether it’s antisemitism or the oppression of the Iranian people, the left has no interest in drawing attention to any issue unless the problem can be attributed to President Trump.

Left Blames President Trump For Iran’s Decision To Shoot Down A Passenger Plane

The crash of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 is a tragedy, the culpability for which lies unequivocally with Iran. To suggest otherwise is to cheapen the deaths of hundreds to score political points against the ‘bad orange man.’

Not One Senate Democrat Joins Resolution Commending U.S. Military For Soleimani’s Death

Commending those who killed a terrorist responsible for the loss of hundreds of American lives should not be a controversial endeavor, but apparently it is.

The Media Is Always, Always Wrong About Trump And National Security

We should stop listening to the media on national security issues, since they are always wrong. As a captive audience, they make us accompany them through their stages of hysteria, and it’s insufferable.

Despite Leftist Hysterics, President Trump Was Likely Right on Iran

If yesterday evening serves as the entirety of the Iranian response to Soleimani’s death, President Trump should count the events as a win.

Iran Fires Retaliatory Rockets At U.S. Bases In Iraq

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, Iran fired multiple ballistic missiles at a variety of locations in Iraq. Iran alleges the attacks are in response to the targeted killing of Quds Force leader, Qassam Suleimani.

The Trump Administration Is Right To Block Iran’s Foreign Minister From Addressing UN

The Trump administration is disinterested in providing a forum for this propaganda circus, like CNN did, and that does not indicate a lack of diplomatic grace.

Contrary To Iran Deal Talking Points, There’s Something Between Appeasement and War

Just as we have other options aside from war, it’s worth considering how limited Iran’s appetite for war with the United States actually is.

Trump Derangement Prevents Media From Praising Trump For Iranian Terrorist Soleimani’s Demise

Considering what comes next in Iran is important. So is acknowledging that the president killed a man of pure evil.

‘Ringleader’ Of U.S. Embassy Attack Was Invited To Obama White House In 2011

Photos recently surfaced indicating that one of the three ‘ringleaders’ of the Iran-backed attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad earlier this week was invited to the Obama White House less than a decade ago.

The Media Is Lying About The Attacks On The Embassy In Baghdad

Media figures are lying about Tuesday’s attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Why?

Identity Politics Enables Anti-Semitic Violence. Enough

How much more Jewish blood must be spilled before ending the violence against Jews becomes an end inherently worth pursuing?

California Faces Lowest Population Growth Since 1900 After Decades Of Economically Ignorant Policies

Thanks to excessive regulations, rent control, and increased homelessness among other things, more people are leaving California than entering it.