Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson
Erielle Davidson is a Staff Writer at the Federalist and a law student at Georgetown University Law Center. She currently serves as a Fellow at the Center for International Law in the Middle East (CILME) at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University. She writes about Israel, the Middle East, and related issues. Find her on Twitter at @politicalelle.
U.S. Democrats Follow U.K. Labour Party Down The Anti-Semitism Rat Hole

What level of Holocaust revisionism or Farrakhan-cavorting might it take for Democrats to realize their party is sick with racism?

At Democrats’ Behest, Terrorist-Friendly Imam Gives Prayer In Congress

The left continues to offer a safe haven for those who spew hate toward the Jewish state, all while lecturing Americans about the perils of racism.

TV Star Rachel Riley Points Out Dangers To Left Of Letting Anti-Semitism Fester

The issue with Corbyn is not whether he hates Jews but rather whether he willingly allows pervasive anti-Semitism to fester within his own party.

Ted Cruz Is Right: The United States Should Axe Iran’s Oil Waivers

Cruz’s emphasis on eliminating Iranian oil waivers highlights a contentious debate brewing over how much pressure to apply on Iran’s repressive regime.

Now It’s Controversial For Democrats To Condemn Dual-Loyalty Smears Against Jews

In their desperation for the younger, more progressive electorate, the Democratic Party bends to the likes of Tommy Vietor, who run around bullying critics of anti-Semites.

In Contrast With Democrats, Cruz To Offer Resolution Explicitly Condemning Anti-Semitism

Cruz’s resolution directly addresses the anti-Semitism that Democratic leadership in the House could not explicitly condemn, likely due to fear of upsetting their increasingly anti-Semitic wing.

Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Jewish Views Are Typical For Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus

The Democrats’ internal fight over the anti-Semitism resolution reveals a stark picture of the competing factions vying for control over the party’s agenda.

Labour Party’s Response To Anti-Semitism Accusations Appears To Confirm Them

A recording leaked from a recent Labour Party meeting reveals the depth of the party’s depravity, and the challenges it will likely face as it attempts to correct course.

Billie Eilish Is The 17-Year-Old Answer To Gen Z’s Hunger For Reality

Billie Eilish is famous not only for her music but for the ‘realness’ and substance she represents to a generation eager for something genuine.

UK Labor Party’s Defections Over Anti-Semitism Toll Warning Bell For U.S. Democrats

Given the recent incidents of anti-Semitism on the American left, the UK Labour Party’s collapse invites examination—and may offer a warning to the American Democrat Party.

Latest Ilhan Omar Interview Adds Weight To Charges She’s Anti-Jew

In a recent interview with Yahoo News, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) revealed both an astonishing ignorance about American foreign policy and renewed questions about her anti-Semitism.

The Real Crisis Of Masculinity Is Tanking Testosterone Levels

The APA report evinces a growing and unfortunate trend within our ‘woke’ society of using traditional masculinity as a convenient scapegoat for a host of societal ills.

Jews Need Your Prayers And Solidarity After Saturday’s Shooting

Saturday marked the first shooting at an American synagogue in modern U.S. history. An attack on one Jewish community reverberates throughout the larger one, and this was no exception.

The 11th Installment Of ‘Halloween’ Is A Fresh Reminder Of The Value Of The Second Amendment

Laurie Strode and her daughter are empowered in the face of a mass murderer, thanks to a personal stash of weapons.

Resistance Torches Devin Nunes’ Family After He Dared To Expose Intel Agencies’ Collusion With Democrats

Devin Nunes is precisely why we know anything about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee’s dishonest and bizarre activities. No wonder he’s a huge Democrat target.

Never Trumper Ben Shapiro Might Vote Trump, Says Primarying Him Would Be ‘Major Mistake’

The president has shown himself to be a stronger promoter of conservatism than many had anticipated, albeit unfortunately quite the spender.

‘Sharp Objects’ Is An Incisive Puzzle That Leaves You Wanting More

HBO’s ‘Sharp Objects’ constructs a compelling mystery within a mystery, leaving audiences to wonder if the two conclusions will ultimately be the same.

Stanford Study: The Most Religious Kids Do Best In School

Given other research showing kids are more likely to retain faith when attending strongly religious schools, this suggests high religiosity can also boost academic achievement.

No, We Shouldn’t Privilege Ted Kennedy’s ‘Character Assassination’ Over Mary Jo Kopechne’s Death

Neal Gabler’s desire to redeem Kennedy’s image amid contemporary reexamination of the Chappaquiddick incident is neither inventive nor effective.

Cecile Richards’ ‘Off The Record’ Talk With Jared And Ivanka Hurts Her And Helps Them

Cecile Richards says Jared Kushner offered to help Planned Parenthood secure federal funding if it agreed to stop providing abortions. She refused, and she thinks that makes Kushner look bad.