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What ‘Gosnell’s’ Pro-Choice Libertarian Actor Dean Cain Says About The Film Will Surprise You

‘They will think of it as a pro-life movie. But it just tells the story. The characters really wrestle,’ says ‘Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer’ lead actor Dean Cain.


The following interview between Federalist senior contributor Nicole Russell and “Superman” actor Dean Cain, who most recently starred in “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” has been edited for clarity and length. The film was the no. 1 indie film on its limited theater run last weekend and broke the top ten films overall.

What are your views on abortion? “People are surprised to hear this but I’m actually pro-choice, up until viability, or 20 weeks [gestation]. I am pro-life in that I would not abort my own child, but if I were to legislate it myself I would never make it illegal.”

In ‘Gosnell’ you play James Wood, a detective. Tell me about him: James Wood was a quiet professional, humble, respectful. He did his job well. Wood kept on the case. He persevered.”

This is a tricky subject. Hardly any members of the media attended this trial: “Abortion is a dirty word. It doesn’t fit into dinner conversation. People don’t want to look at it and see how horrific this is. This story should have been everywhere. Dialogue really helps.”

Does it make you nervous, to appear in a film like this as a bona fide Hollywood actor? Cain laughed. “Look, I’ve hosted ‘Fox and Friends.’ I can’t live my life that way. Dialogue helps solve problems. I don’t vilify others’ opinions.”

How do you think Hollywood will receive this film? “I don’t know what will happen. It gets this subject out there. It likely won’t be received too well. They will think of it as a pro-life movie. But it just tells the story. The characters really wrestle. [Kermit Gosnell’s abortion facility] hadn’t been inspected in 17 years. I hope it spurs a conversation. Most people are concerned about Roe. I don’t think it will get overturned. It goes back to the states. Each state gets a say.”

I wish more people knew that. That overturning Roe will not automatically just ban it. “I know! Civics is so important. This is why. Really, this is about the ‘politics of fear.’”

So back to Hollywood. “Yeah. I’m an actor in Malibu, California, and grew up with guys like Rob Lowe, Sean Penn, and Charlie Sheen. But you know as long as I can remember, I had deeply held beliefs. Quietly, within my value structure. I do believe in smaller government. I studied history in college.

“Like what we were just saying, education plays a huge role in helping people understand these issues. For example, I have an 18 year-old son. I take him with me to travel. There’s nothing like travel to show you parts of the world. It changes my perspective. Young kids–they don’t have perspective.”

So what are your other political views? You’re sounding very libertarian so far. “Yes! Yes, I am. I would like comprehensive immigration reform. I want to build the wall. I believe in strong borders. I think they’re very important. I would love to see our immigration system more like Canada—more merit-based. I don’t like the visa lottery system.

What else? “If I were POTUS, I would do many of the things he’s doing, but maybe not piss so many people off [laughs]. The world leaders, you can tell they respect his strength. He doesn’t apologize.”

Anything you don’t like? “I didn’t like the omnibus spending bill, but I understand why he did it. People tend to confuse deficit and debt. I think we need to reform Social Security and Medicaid.”

Would you ever run for office? “There’s been a lot of talk of that. I travel the world. But I can’t imagine the scrutiny I would be under. If I drink too much. It’s not like I haven’t dated. I don’t want to be a politician, but I would be willing to serve because I love this country. I don’t aspire to it, though. I don’t want the power.”