‘Good Boy’: Watch Police Dog Stop Kidnapper From Stealing 6-Month-Old Baby

‘Good Boy’: Watch Police Dog Stop Kidnapper From Stealing 6-Month-Old Baby

Body camera footage shows a K-9 taking down a suspect who tried to flee after attempting to kidnap a 6-month-old baby in Pasco County, Florida on Monday.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office say that 24-year-old Kevin Wilson climbed through the second story window and grabbed the 6-month-old child after an argument with the baby’s mother — with whom Wilson was legally ordered to have no contact.

The woman’s uncle confronted Wilson, who finally surrendered the child and fled the scene in car, Fox13 reports. The police found him running through a wooded area after he crashed the vehicle in an effort to evade the authorities. But police dog Titan was not having any of it.

In the video, Titan chases after Wilson, tackles him to the ground, and clamps down on the suspect’s arm with his teeth. The sheriff deputy is heard telling Wilson to roll over onto his stomach before he will tell Titan to release him. When Wilson finally follows orders, Titan lets go of the suspect. All throughout the chase and the altercation, the officer can be heard telling Titan he’s a “good boy.” The officer pets him after things have calmed down.

Wilson has been charged with interference with custody and child neglect, as well as violating his no-contact order.

Bre Payton was a staff writer at The Federalist.
Photo screngrab/fox13
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