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Podcast: Unpacking The Latest Catholic Church Scandals And Political Infighting

Washington Post religion reporter Julie Zauzmer explains the latest allegations against Catholics priests and how Church leadership has failed to respond.



On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Julie Zauzmer, Washington Post religion reporter, explains the multiple cases of sexual abuse allegations within the Catholic Church that have been exposed this summer.

Bre Payton interviews Zauzmer and Federalist writer Margot Cleveland about how Pope Francis and Church leadership has responded to these stories and the political implications for the institution as a whole.

“The swell of anger in the Catholic Church now is about the leadership. It’s not about the parish priests. It’s about the bishops. It’s about the cardinals. It’s about the Pope,” Zauzmer said. “This anger is saying, ‘You were in leadership back then. You’re still in leadership now, and you haven’t changed enough.'”

Listen to the full episode here: