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Podcast: Royal Wedding Recap, Tax Bill Aftermath, And Summer Fitness

Mary Katharine Ham and Mattie Duppler host today’s Federalist Radio Hour to chat about America’s week in Royals obsession, the tax bill aftermath, and more.



Mary Katharine Ham hosts a Federalist Radio Hour conversation with Mattie Duppler, fellow at the National Taxpayers Union and President of Forward Strategies.

They recap Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, discuss Trump’s spending rescission request to Congress, the aftermath of the tax bill, and summer fitness trends.

Duppler explained how a quirk in the way Congress budgets allows Trump to exercise power over federal spending.

“We know there is money out there that hasn’t been spent, and the White House has the authority to tell agencies not to spend it,” she said. “Eventually it can go back into public coffers and not be used.”

Listen to the full episode here: