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Radio With Becket Adams On WHCD, Stormy Daniels, And Westworld

On this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour, Becket Adams discusses journalism awards, Trump’s Stormy Daniels problem, and the new season of Westworld.



Becket Adams, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner joins this episode of Federalist Radio Hour to catch us up on everything we missed from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner drama, the indefinite reporting on Stormy Daniels, and comparisons to the moralism of Presidents past.

“I don’t want [Trump] to be above the law…but it feels to me a lot of this has been played out and dragged out because it is salacious,” he said. “Some people in wider media…have this weird vicious thing for Melania and really don’t like her. And I think some people are actually enjoying this humiliation of Melania.”

Later in the hour, Adams’ makes his hopeful predictions for the new season of HBO’s Westworld.

Listen here: