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Taylor Swift Endorses Gun Control, Donates To ‘March For Our Lives’

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Taylor Swift, who is famously quiet when it comes to politics, has endorsed the gun control rallies taking place in cities across the country Saturday.


Taylor Swift has endorsed the gun control rally taking place in cities across the country this coming Saturday.

Swift, who received a lot of blowback for not endorsing a candidate in the 2016 election, has decided now is the time to make things political by endorsing the upcoming march.

The singer, who has been photographed with guns many a time, said that she has donated to the march.

“I’m so moved by the Parkland High School students, faculty, by all families and friends of victims who have spoken out,” she wrote. “Trying to prevent this from happening again.”

After 17 people were shot and killed at a high school in Parkland, Florida last month, some of the students, with the help of gun control advocates, have organized a nation-wide march to push for more gun control legislation.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel tried to downplay his office’s inaction by saying there were no more than 23 calls made from the Parkland shooter’s home, but public records show at least 39 calls were made. Several other deputies are reportedly under investigation as well after Israel said several officers failed to respond properly.

Released video footage shows one armed deputy standing safely outside, while 17 people are shot and killed inside the school.

School officials expelled the shooter after they believed he was a threat to himself and to others and wanted him to be committed to a psychiatric facility for evaluation in 2016.