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Washington Post Swaps Out Front Page Headline On Trump Speech After Liberals Whine

The paper caved after an hour of criticism on Twitter for the initial State of the Union headline, ‘A call for bipartisanship.’


Liberals melted down on Twitter late Tuesday night when they saw The Washington Post‘s front page story on Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address was headlined, “A call for bipartisanship.”

A little over an hour later, the Post changed the front page of the next morning’s edition of the newspaper — without the headline that triggered so many. The new headline reads: “A ‘new American movement.'”

Here’s the initial front page story, headline included.

With only 670 retweets and more than 3.7k replies, the tweet got ratio’ed pretty hard. Here’s some of the shade liberals threw at the Post.

Kevin M. Kruse, who wrote a book about “how corporate America invented Christian America” suggested the newspaper would “regret” its headline.

“Technologist” Tom Coates fact-checked the headline, saying that while Trump talked about bipartisanship, he is not happy that the president hasn’t reached across the aisle more frequently during his first year in office.

This Brooklyn-based freelance writer called it “weaksauce.”

A former “Survivor” contestant had this to say.

The paper also nixed a separate headline, “Trump delivers message of unity: President highlights military, economy,” and otherwise rearranged the layout of the front page reporting on Trump. Here’s the revised version.

Some were still not happy with the Post‘s changes.

Adam Parkhomenko, former advisor to Hillary Clinton, pointed out that she first used the same line in 2010.