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Watch Caitlyn Smith Bring Down The House On Jimmy Fallon’s NBC Show

caitlyn smith

The songwriter who’s penned hits for Meghan Trainor and Dolly Parton performed ‘Contact High.’


Singer/songwriter Caitlyn Smith brought down in the house on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night NBC show Tuesday night.

The longtime songwriter, who’s penned hits for Meghan Trainor and Dolly Parton, performed “Contact High” during her television debut.

At about the 3:30-minute mark, she drops to her knees and 👏 belts 👏 it 👏 out.


She then grabs a tambourine and jams with her band — like the queen that she is.

The whole thing is worth watching — several times in a row. Smith’s new album, “Starfire” drops this Friday.