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David Ignatius On Spy Novels, Technology, And Trump’s Foreign Relations

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius joins the Federalist Radio Hour with Ben Domenech. They discuss his new novel, “The Quantum Spy.”


David Ignatius is an author and columnist at The Washington Post, and his newest espionage novel is “The Quatum Spy.” Ignatius is today’s guest on The Federalist Radio Hour to discuss writing, technology, Trump’s Asia trip, and the turmoil in Saudi Arabia.

“As journalists, we are now covering a world that is weirder than any spy novel I’ve ever written,” Ignatius said. “I promise you people would say ‘that’s preposterous…that’s an unbelievable novel.”

Is our growing distrust of government and institutions a global trend, or only in America? “Technology is empowering but it also seems to increase divisions,” he said. “I think that that is increasingly a global phenomenon.”
Listen to their full conversation here: