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Victor Davis Hanson Reinterprets WWII: History’s Deadliest Conflict

Military historian and author, Victor Davis Hanson, unfolds how WWII was fought on air, land, and sea on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is a professor, military historian, contemporary commentator. He joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his newest book, “The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won.”

How did new technology, specifically the addition of air power and aerial bombings, have an impact of the war?

“When [the U.S.] got over there, the British had already been trying to bomb in ’40 and ’41 and they said you cannot do daylight bombing,” Hanson said. “By 1943 when we were having horrific Schweinfurt raids…then we started to learn how to fly in formation. We had the P-51 with drop tanks come in.”

Later in the hour, they discuss what lessons from WWII can be applied to modern terrorism. “The classic antidote to terrorism is you cannot allow them to say they are independent and autonomous,” Hanson said. “We have to tie ISIS or Al-Qaeda with a nation state.”

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