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Ronald Bailey On Climate Change, Gene Editing, And Drug Regulations

Reason magazine’s science correspondent, Ronald Bailey, joins today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss bio, tech, and science issues.


Ronald Bailey is an award-winning science correspondent for Reason magazine who writes about climate change, robots, biotechnology, drugs, and all federal regulations to boot. Ben Domenech and Bailey discuss Trump’s science policies, the ethics of designer babies, alcohol regulations and more.

Does Trump withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord have any tangible effects? “With regard to greenhouse gases in the United States, it was practically irrelevant,” Bailey said. “The clean power plan is not what destroyed the coal industry. What destroyed the coal industry is fracking.”

Later in the hour, Bailey weighs in on Rand Paul’s HOA dispute as a fellow libertarian. “If Rand Paul does not want to be constrained by the rules of his HOA, he should sell his house and move,”

Listen here: