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Podcast: Horror Movies, ‘Stranger Things’, And Halloween Traditions

Our annual Halloween episode explores this year’s best horror entertainment including ‘It’ and ‘Stranger Things.’


Mary Katharine Ham, the Federalist’s resident Halloween enthusiast, host this special edition of the Federalist Radio to talk costumes, scary movies, and more. GQ Culture Critic Scott Meslow, and Federalist Senior Contributor Daniel Payne both join to discuss the golden age of horror films Hollywood is in.

“For so many decades, [horror movies] have been the most lucrative genre in Hollywood,” Meslow said. “It’s relatively cheap to make them. You usually don’t need stars in them and audiences love them.”

Payne discussed the elements of nostalgia in both the movie ‘It’ and Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things.’ “There’s an element of growing up and coming of age… the best types of those stories balance the coming of age part while preserving the childlike wonder,” he said.

Listen here: