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What Happens When Sports Leagues And Sports Media Cross Over Into Politics?

On this episode of Federalist Radio, Josh Kraushaar, National Journal politics editor, discusses the future of ESPN, the NFL, and sports fans.


Josh Kraushaar is the politics editor at National Journal, but he joins Ben Domenech on this episode of Federalist Radio Hour to talk sports. Kraushaar discusses EPSN’s political feuds, Roger Goodell’s biggest mistakes, and the changing genre of sports media.

“When you try to meld the corporate standards of ESPN with the more unregulated, outspoken nature of sports talk radio or a start up… the traditional political alliances are totally scrambled,” Kraushaar said.

Will there be push back against this new politicalization of sports leagues? “We’ve crossed a line a into a new era where this is the new normal. This is going to be the way it is for the foreseable future, at least as long as Donald Trump is President,” Domenech said.

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