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Sebastian Gorka Talks 2018 Elections, Media Failures, And The Swamp

Sebastian Gorka discusses his time in the White House and how he plans to fight for the Trump’s agenda outside of DC on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Sebastian Gorka was formally a strategist for President Trump and now is Chief Strategist MAGA Coalition. Gorka joins this episode of Federalist Radio to discuss his time in the White House, the President’s approach to national security, and the many failures of political journalists.

“The swamp never dissolves itself. Departments never disband themselves.” Gorka said. “My prediction is that by the end of the year the President will realize he’s being ill-served and there will be some very high level heads rolling.”

Will the President’s messages remain consistent without the presence of Gorka or Bannon? “The fact is the President is very loyal and if you’re loyal to him and he values your counsel, he will always value your counsel,” Gorka said.

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