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Podcast: Debating Health Care, Tax Reform, UBI, And Other Economic Issues

Staff writer at the Atlantic, Annie Lowrey, discusses the economic policies that hit American wallets directly on this episode of Federalist Radio


Annie Lowrey is a staff writer and contributing editor at the Atlantic who covers economic policy. Lowrey and Domenech debate and discuss a host of economic ideas including universal basic income, work programs, tax increases, and health care.

“I feel like the UBI conversation suffers from too much specificity and too little specificity,” Lowrey said. “When you poll people about UBI usually they’re in support of having a floor under which nobody can fall, but then when you ask about raising tax revenue…it becomes less popular.”

Conservative proposals for tax reform and health care policy are similar in that they push the issues back to the states to make the hard decisions.

“They’re basically saying we’re going to have huge cuts, trillions of dollars of cuts, and we’re going to wave a magic wand and the states are going to be more efficient, and they’re going to be able to figure out how to do it without rationing care,” Lowrey argued.

Listen to the whole conversation here: