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Christopher Kimball Leads Home Cooks Into A New Age Of Home Cooking

Christopher Kimball searches the world for bold, simple recipes, and tests them for home cooks everywhere. He joins today’s Federalist Radio.


Christopher Kimball is the founder of “Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street,” which encompasses a TV show, radio show, cooking school, and a new cookbook, “Milk Street: The New Home Cooking.”

Kimball joins Ben Domenech to discuss the travels that influenced many of the recipes in this book, which use spices and techniques in ways that are accessible for the home cook.

“If you start with big ingredients…you can get to big flavors really quickly,” he said. “You don’t have to use a lot of time, a lot of heat, a lot of technique to get there because you’re not taking something bland and turing it into something complex.”

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