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Podcast: North Korea, Kim Jong Un, And Military Leaders In The White House

Rebeccah Heinrichs describes the latest military concerns and campaigns in relation to North Korea on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Rebeccah Heinrichs, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, discusses missile defense, North Korea, and the generals on staff at the White House.

“You look at the capabilities of the country, and then you also look at their intent or their will to use them,” she said. “We saw this very audacious testing of a medium range missile that flew over Japan, so they’re willing flying over sovereign air space.”

Heinrichs explains the misconceptions of Kim Jong Un and how the U.S. can effectively apply pressure on him. “One of the keys to this pressure campaign, in terms of squeezing North Korea, is showing that there’s this iron-clad commitment to Japan and South Korea.”

Listen here: