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After Trans Discussion, Kindergartener ‘Came Home Crying And Shaking So Afraid She Could Turn Into A Boy’

Angry parents stampeded a California charter school board meeting Monday after a teacher read her kindergarten class picture books about transgenderism to affirm a gender dysphoric classmate.


Angry parents stampeded a California charter school board meeting Monday after a teacher read her kindergarten class picture books about transgenderism to affirm a gender dysphoric classmate. During the class, parents say, the gender dysphoric boy also switched clothes to look more like a girl in a “gender reveal.”

Parents were not notified beforehand of the discussion or the classmate’s psychological condition, and learned about it when their confused kindergarteners arrived home from school that day.

“The kindergartners came home very confused, about whether or not you can pick your gender, whether or not they really were a boy or a girl,” Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute told CBS News.

“My daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy,” a parent said at the public meeting.

Rocklin Academy is a network of related charter schools, which are public schools typically run by nonprofit institutions, private companies, or school boards of local leaders and parents. Charter school board meetings must be public, since they are fully taxpayer-funded. Rocklin’s high school, Western Sierra, is ranked No. 1 in the Sacramento area for college readiness by U.S. News and World Report.

Unlike for sex ed content, schools do not need to notify parents about classroom instruction related to gender identity, school officials say. Teachers spoke out in support of their colleague’s surprise transgender book club, with seventh grade teacher Kelly Bryson objecting to “banned books or book lists, or selective literature” for schoolchildren.

While the parents negatively affected insist their children are too young to discuss transgenderism and be confused about a core aspect of their person, trans advocates disagree, suggesting preschool as the appropriate time to begin telling children their biological sex is meaningless.

“Most people have a sense of their gender identity at age 3 or 4,” Jo Michael, a transgender woman and legislative manager at Equality California, told a local Fox station. “The other students really do need to have that opportunity to engage and hear from the transgender student.”

Just last week I wrote in detail about the effects of a similar situation at a Minnesota charter school, where parents of a kindergartener they claimed was transgender sued another high-ranking charter school. Parents began transferring their kindergarteners out of Nova Classical Academy when the tykes came home saying things like, “Mom, I think you can choose if you want to be a boy or a girl,” The Daily Signal reported. The settlement this month basically gagged school communications with parents on what their children will learn about sex:

This month’s settlement after 16 months of litigation requires the school to make all uniforms available to both sexes, pay LGBT organizations to ‘train staff’ in politically correct behavior every three years, and ‘not adopt any gender policy that allows parents to opt out of requirements in the gender inclusion policy because of objections based on religion or conscience.’ This lawyer and Federalist contributor, after reviewing the settlement, said it appears to ban the school from even notifying parents of its sex policies.

These stories are the tip of the spear. As I write in the longer article, courts and activists are already working to require all public, private, and eventually home schools to teach children the destabilizing and false idea that their sex is malleable. In Canada, which is further ahead than the United States on such matters, transanity has already classified the teachings of the world’s major religions (plus basic scientific facts) as punishable hate speech. Here’s how that looks in their schools: