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Watch These Liberals Protest Outside Of A Congressman’s Home Where His Wife, Daughters Live

A leftist organizing group backed by deep-pocketed unions loudly protested outside of Republican Congressman Jason Lewis’s home in Woodbury Minnesota, spurring frightened neighbors to call the police.


Members of a leftist group backed by deep-pocketed unions loudly protested outside of Republican Congressman Jason Lewis’s home in Woodbury, Minnesota on Wednesday, spurring frightened neighbors to call the police.

The group, Take Action Minnesota, which is funded by SEUI and other unions and progressive groups, chanted and protested outside of Lewis’s home, where his wife and two daughters live, over proposed cuts to Medicaid and other entitlement programs that are driving the United States deeper into debt.

After attempting to deliver a letter to Lewis in person at his home, Take Action protestors then stood on his porch and his driveway as two elderly women explained how they rely on Medicaid for about five minutes. They then began to chant and yell rallying cries as they waved signs.

“When care givers are under attack, what do we do?” The young woman prompted. “Stand up! Fight back!” the other protestors responded.

As they walked away, protestors yelled: “We’ll be back!”

The group streamed their protest via Facebook Live.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Lewis said the demonstration prompted his neighbor to call the police.

Appalled to find out my home and private property were invaded today by protestors while I was working in my congressional district. Suffice it to say it is more than a bit disturbing to get a call from your neighbor saying his daughters were afraid and called him to contact the police.

In a statement, Take Action said they showed up at his home because Lewis hasn’t done a town hall event to talk about the proposed cuts.

“For months, constituents have asked for a town hall,” Take Action said in a statement. “His constituents would rather have a conversation at a town hall, than deliver a letter to his door.”

Town hall events featuring Republican congressman have become increasingly dangerous. In May, police escorted two attendees at a North Dakota town hall event after they got physical with a Republican congressman.

Earlier this year, the Utah Republican Party issued a statement urging GOP Congressmen to delay town hall meetings after numerous violent actions took place at previous events.

“This isn’t just immature anymore; this is a dangerous ramping up of rhetoric that already has one of my House colleagues in rehab from a vicious attack,” Lewis said, referring to Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), who nearly died from a gunshot wound inflicted by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter. “Beyond increasing security measures, we are investigating what action to take. But this dangerous targeting of people, staffs, associates and now families must stop. And stop now.”