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Breaking News Alert This Week In Lawfare Land: What Happens Next?

The Trouble With National Solutions For Local Problems

Jon Ward discusses health care collapse, the evolution of institutions, and 1980 vs. 2020 Presidential runs on Federalist Radio.


Jon Ward, reporter for Yahoo News, joins Ben Domenech to discuss the collapse of Mitch McConnell’s health care reform, Trump’s reaction, American institutions, and some presidential history.

“I do think there is this fear of what happens if Trump loses interest or gets upset and there’s all this pressure in the White House to get to tax reform,” Ward said. “My preference for this…is that they would have done a regular order process for this and had it been a bipartisan result.”

Ward’s new podcast, The Long Game, explores Americans’ inabilities to solve problems and the changing climate of institutions. “I was fascinated by the way in which political parties as institutions had lost so much power,” he said.

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