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Peter Baker On Covering Presidents, Putin, And White House Press Briefings

New York Times Chief White House Correspondent, Peter Baker, joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour.

Peter Baker is the Chief White House Correspondent at the New York Times. On this episode of Federalist Radio, Baker shares his experiences covering four different presidents, and stories from his time in Moscow as the Washington Post’s Bureau Chief.

“Everything moves so much faster and you almost never have time to stop and think and really report, and I think that’s where our challenge is: to continue to do deep coverage without missing out on this accelerated timetable everyone is fixated on,” Baker said.

Have the White House Press briefings lost all their value in today’s media landscape? “The truth is the briefing has become less and less useful over several presidencies,” Baker said. “Now you’ve got a situation where it’s so overtly hostile that’s not very informational and it’s unpleasant.”

Listen here: