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Podcast: Congressional Baseball Shooting, White House Jobs, And Palace Intrigue

White House correspondent for The Atlantic, Rosie Gray, joins Mary Katharine Ham on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour.


Rosie Gray, White House correspondent for The Atlantic, joins Mary Katharine Ham on The Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss the breaking news of a shooting at the GOP congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Va. Gray also shares her reporting on President Trump’s revolving staff, palace intrigue, and the grueling job of a White House spokesperson.

“The communications environment in and around the White House is very unusual,” Gray said. “[Michael Dubke] was really put into an impossible situation.”

They discussed why the White House has failed to fill so many open positions in the administration and what can happen when that process is delayed. “Because of Trump’s management tendency to value loyalty and to really want these things to go through his people, just logistically, hiring for thousands of political positions becomes very hard,” Ham said.

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