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Watch CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Desperately Cast Comey As ‘Stay-At-Home Dad’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin desperately tried to depict former FBI director James Comey as a stay-at-home dad in Northern Virginia.


While appearing on a panel on “Anderson Cooper 360” Thursday evening, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin desperately tried to depict former FBI director James Comey as a “stay-at-home dad” in Northern Virginia instead of a political operative who leaked memos to the media in an effort to spin a narrative.

“I have been somebody who’s been fairly sympathetic to Comey,” The Federalist’s Mary Katharine Ham said. “He’s somebody who’s been put in a bad position during the election, but I do think that every time he talks, he looks worse.”

“He’s been cast as a boy scout who has no motivations other than truth, justice, and the American way,” she said. “That is a naive way to look at a guy who has been an operator in DC for many years. When you cast it as ‘boy scout versus giant villain,’ which is how it has been cast, it matters that the guy is not quite that. In fact he’s leaking his own memos with political motivation and not standing up when he should.”

“We’re talking about two people,” CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin responded. “One of whom today is a stay-at-home dad in Northern Virginia, the other is president of the United States, yet you want to talk about whether Comey did right or did wrong. Who cares?”

“Now he’s a stay-at-home dad without any power whatsoever or awareness of what is going on?” Ham asked.

“Let me finish. If he leaked something, who cares?” Toobin shot back.

“The credibility of that FBI director matters a lot when he’s the only guy telling the story,” Ham explained. “And he’s not a stay-at-home dad,” she adding, while stifling a laugh.