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How One Pro-Life Group Is Seeking Out Abortion-Determined Women

The Human Coalition is breaking into Planned Parenthood’s market and serving women and children using technology, data, and community outreach.


The Human Coalition is a non-profit that combines the forces of technology, data, community outreach, and women’s care clinics to reach and serve abortion-determined women. Brian Fisher, president and CEO of The Human Coalition, joins Federalist Radio to share the unique ways they’re fighting the abortion industry and how men can have a role in the pro-life movement.

“There’s almost 2 million internet searches a month in the United States for abortion terms like ‘abortion clinic DC’…’morning after pill” Fisher said. “We realized that was an enormous mission field. If there was that many searches for abortion procurement terms, if we could intercept them…we could actually rescue children from abortion.”

Last week, there was an abrupt backlash against a New York Times op-ed that discussed the issues with linking abortion and economics. “The culture tends to look at abortion as solving a women’s problem and because finances typically play a part in her decision, that somehow solves that,” Fisher said.

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