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After Jim DeMint’s Exit, People Are Eviscerating The Heritage Foundation On Facebook

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After The Heritage Foundation released a statement declaring its CEO Jim DeMint had been ousted, grassroots supporters took to Facebook to vent their frustration.


After The Heritage Foundation released a statement on Tuesday that the board had ousted Jim DeMint, the organization’s now former president and CEO, people took to Facebook to vent their frustration.

Hundreds of people expressed their disappointment in commenting on a post the Heritage Foundation Facebook page shared, linking to the statement from the board.

Some noted that the statement’s indictment of DeMint seemed hollow.

Others vowed to cease financially supporting the organization or said they would unlike the page. 

Some worried Steve Bannon might replace DeMint.

 And others worried his ouster indicates the organization will no longer be robustly conservative.

 Some speculated about what DeMint’s ouster means for conservatism.  

As Mollie Hemingway noted, much of the media’s narrative surrounding DeMint’s departure, that he was forced out for steering the organization’s focus away from policy and toward politics, doesn’t add up.

Rather than allowing political operatives to take over Heritage’s operations, as the anti-DeMint narrative goes, DeMint actually stood firm against desires the political staff at the 501(c)(4), developed a relationship with Trump’s team, and as a result ended up turning Heritage into the de facto policy arm of the new Republican administration. What more could a conservative think tank’s donors ask for than the freedom to research and recommend conservative policy and the ability and influence to see it adopted by a new president?

You can read all of the comments for yourself here. This reporter didn’t see any comments supporting DeMint’s ouster.