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These Two Videos Reveal Trans Ideology’s Goals: Ending Sex And Normalizing Abuse


Hold your horses, cowboys and cowgirls: Now you’re a “cissexist” — which must be a really bad thing because it has “sexist” in it — if you don’t want to have sex with “women with penises,” according to a 24-year-old guy who is apparently a professional transwoman.

Riley J. Dennis, who according to his YouTube profile is 6’4″ tall and dating a woman, which obviously makes him a lesbian, is a vlogger for That’s not a typo: Dennis was born a male but now says he’s a lesbian transwoman whose gender is fluid. That seems to mean he is a man with long hair who wears makeup, dresses ambiguously, and has sex with a lady. But it’s hard to keep up, which is probably partly the point of all this narcissism: to keep people’s attention by constantly destabilizing their sense of reality.

Dennis’s YouTube channel, which largely concerns “intersectional feminism,” has 28,000 subscribers. His latest for Everyday Feminist, which at this writing has 17,200 shares, explains how having “genital preferences” in dating constitutes transphobic discrimination. Anyone who has “genital preferences” — which despite America’s decline is still the majority of us — can start laughing now, because obviously this is all about the alphabet soup people trying to get us to stop having sex. I, for one, ain’t buying.

“Some women have penises, and if the fact that some lesbians might be attracted to those women offends you it’s because you don’t think trans women are real women,” he says in the video.

The anti-sex campaign has another recent entry. Bill Nye’s new show, “Bill Nye Saves The World,” came out with a video in which the intended humor thuds but the unintentional humor sings. Warning: NSFW or children.

While it seems the performers are trying to be funny, mainly because Rachel Bloom styles herself a humorist, it’s not clear they really intended for the main effect this video generates: wild laughter and, conversely, puking. “F–k this world, I want to just move to the forest and become a monk. I can’t take this degeneracy anymore,” a YouTuber commented on the video, according to The Daily Caller.

In case you didn’t watch, a sampling of the lyrics. “‘Cause my sex junk is so oh-oh-oh / Much more than either or-or-or.” Sex junk? I’ll say. “There’s nothing taboo about a sex stew.” Taboo, perhaps not. Appealing, also not. “With a sad clown Skyping via satellite.” That’s pretty much it. And if that’s appealing, you’re the sad clown. “Get off your soapbox / My sex junk’s better than bagels with lox / With lots of schmear.” So this is an abstinence campaign, then? Ah, it’s all starting to make so much more sense now.

This takes the infertility of non-heterosexual sex to a new level. Now it’s not just a biological impossibility for same-sex couples, but also repugnant and confusing to pairs whose coupling can technically lead to reproduction. In other words, how many guys are going to want to shimmy up to a lady at a club if it becomes more and more common for them to find that the “lady” has a penis once he gets into her pants? If women think hookup culture has disappeared dating, this takes that further, ending sex altogether.

This sexual repulsiveness is not limited to random hookups. It can extend to long-term relationships and marriage, amplifying the relationship-killing effects. Jennifer Finney Boylan, a male-to-female transgender professor at Barnard College, recently wrote in The New York Times that he came out to his wife as trans after “many years into our marriage.” Apparently this is common among transsexuals, at least as Boylan tells it:

I talked to a woman whose husband did not know his wife was born a different gender. She resented other people moralizing about her choice. ‘It’s not about who I was, it’s about who I am. And yet, the ethicist in me believes that there comes a moment when self-disclosure is indeed necessary. For some, this moment comes before sexual intimacy. For others, sexual intimacy is less the point than the emotional kind; I know a woman who has no qualms about sleeping with men who don’t know her history, but the moment she finds herself falling in love, she feels morally obligated to share it.

While Boylan insidiously includes the word “ethics” to dampen readers’ uncomfortable reaction to scenarios in which the person you’re having sex with wants to have different sex parts than the ones that are part of your coupling, let’s be clear: This is terrible, utterly self-centered behavior. It should be needless to say, but sex is a mutual act and consent requires knowing what you are getting into. You can’t consent to sex with a man if you don’t know he’s a man. It’s a deeply vulnerable interaction initiated on false premises, and that’s wrong.

This is why, although Boylan suavely ignores this elephant in the room, deviant sexuality hurts people besides the self-harm to the one transing. You have only to read this anonymous letter in The Guardian recently from a woman to her transgender husband to know it’s true:

If it took you years to accept something that ‘felt right’ to you, how could I instantly accept it? I asked for time, and you refused. It felt like a battlefield: you would make decisions that affected us both and lob them at me like grenades, unspoken ultimatums that told me I needed to shut up, or leave. ‘I’ve decided to start hormone treatment,’ you said. ‘I’ve decided to come out publicly next week.’ I had thought we were a team, and now I was left behind.

…I worry that no one is telling you the truth, now. Many of your friends err on the side of unquestioning support, in case they are seen as unsupportive, and I think that’s dangerous: being trans does not make a person brave or ‘right’, and it does not make them a good person. Nor does it make them a bad one. You were always a little self-absorbed, and I understand why this process exacerbated this – it is, by definition, a very self-focused thing. Yet you needed my support, and I tried to give it, but I needed yours, too. No one knows what to say to the partner of a person who has come out – we tend to get forgotten, or held to unreasonable standards.

This all indicates trans ideology is positively sex-hostile, in both senses of that term. Needless to say, this is not what most people binging on the sexual revolution and its aftermath were expecting, along with other anti-sex outcomes such as sexually transmitted disease epidemics that make sex very painful, porn addictions that spur impotency and curb sexual appetite, and hormonal birth control that kills women’s sex drive and can make sex painful. So freakin’ much for “sex positivity.” What a load of garbage.

The rainbows are not only locking everyone else into iron underwear. They’ve locked themselves into the asylum, as well. All joking aside, it’s creepy in there, ya’ll. After Bloom’s sex-repulsive performance, Nye leaps onto the stage beaming with excitement, and while he proclaims weirdly “That’s exactly the right message, Rachel! Nice job” like some kind of Propaganda Censor, he also exhibits some blatant gender preferences by hugging all the female performers but only shaking hands with the male performer. Perhaps this reveals some latent homophobia within Nye, expressing his inner fear of getting too close too another man.

Dennis knows exactly how to treat that problem. In his Everyday Feminism video, he suggests we all re-evaluate our “genital preferences” and open our minds to new sexual experiences because “preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cis-sexist society.”

Whoa, whoa. How did we move from “sex positive” to “sexual experimentation mandatory or else you’re a ____phobe”? It’s called gaslighting, honey, and it’s all the rage. Dennis also creepily inflicts it on real women, telling us our feelings about having penises waggling about our locker rooms and showers are expressions of bigotry: “Trans women have a long history of being accused of being rapists by cis women…It’s why some cis women are terrified of the idea of sharing a locker room with trans women.”

In other words, Shut up and take it, little lady. But don’t worry, women of the world. This six-foot-four dude is “a big fan of affirmative consent” — so long as you affirm precisely what he wants you to affirm. If you start raising your emotional needs and premonitions, despite assault prevention experts specifically recommending that women do just that to enhance potentially life-saving situational awareness, that’s also bigotry. In other words, protecting yourself is evil. To anyone who has experience with highly manipulative people, this is a blatant tell of an abusive personality, a major warning sign.

“Simply saying ‘It’s my preference! End of discussion!’ is a good way of sidelining all of those issues and centering the feelings of cis people in a discussion that’s about trans people,” Dennis says, cheerfully. No, sir. It’s about me setting my own boundaries and enforcing them, and not letting you emotionally manipulate me into anything. You may not get this, because you’re not a real woman, but we women instinctively know and seek to protect our vulnerability. And you’re not going to browbeat me for it, mister. The harder you push, the harder I’ll kick, and the louder I’ll scream.