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Hemingway On Media Echo Chambers, Twitter Groupthink, And Pat Buchanan

Mollie Hemingway joins Federalist Radio Hour to discuss her new book, “Trump vs. The Media.”


Ben Domenech interviewed Senior Writer Mollie Hemingway about her new book, “Trump vs. The Media,” on this episode of Federalist Radio Hour. They discussed the ways the media echo chamber failed to do their job the last eight years, and how that has destroyed their credibility in covering the Trump administration.

“You would hope after the media failure of 2016 there would be some introspection,” Hemingway said. “You have the same people who ran the same Iran echo chamber, running the story on Russia.”

Social media, especially Twitter, has led to more groupthink among journalists and a way for reporters to signal to each other. “I think we are seeing the end of that American project of trying to have common stories that everyone can join together around to discuss,” Hemingway said. “And you’re going to see, if this last six months is any indiction, many major media not even trying to pretend anymore.”

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