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Podcast With Randy Barnett On Gorsuch, Twitter Outrages, And Westworld

Law professor Randy Barnett joins Federalist Radio to break down the hearing and confirmation process for Judge Neil Gorsuch.


Randy Barnett, Georgetown Law professor, joins this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the politics and process of confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. He also speaks to legal philosophy, the outrage over the rules of Mike Pence’s marriage, and the best television shows in a new age of entertainment.

Barnett explains the relevance of the filibuster and the strategies that Senate leadership will be thinking about. “We really want the filibuster to go away with respect to Supreme Court nominees,” he said. “[Constitutional conservatives] are harmed a lot more by the filibuster than living constitutionalists are.”

Feminists on Twitter have erupted over the boundaries that Mike Pence and Karen Pence have set for their marriage. “There is an outrage of the day. Partly this is used to drive clicks, which is an economic decision made by the media people…and all the people who repeat it,” Barnett said.

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