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If George Stephanopoulos’s Daughter Wants An Abortion, Can I Have Her Baby?


On “The View” Tuesday, George Stephanopoulos’ wife Ali Wentworth claimed the couple’s 14-year-old daughter reacted to Donald Trump’s win by “screaming ‘no abortions’ really loudly.”

Wentworth said both their daughters were terrified by Hillary Clinton’s loss: “I have an 11-year-old daughter who doesn’t really understand what ISIS is but she knows that she is scared and she is now sleeping in bed with us every night.” ABC News anchor Stephanopoulos is a long-time Clinton employee, ally, and donor.

Now, it sounds like their 14-year-old has no reason to get an abortion, since Wentworth noted the child “hasn’t kissed a boy yet.” Yet she’s obviously deeply attached to abortion at a young age, which is a little frightening. Why would a 14-year-old girl’s gut reaction distill politics down to a reflexive desire to protect abortion?

Well, I can’t get inside this child’s head or this family’s atmosphere. But it sure sounds like someone has been frightening this young lady, and that someone is not Donald Trump. Somewhere this child got the ideas that a) women should vote according to whatever politician most supports their power to evacuate their uteruses at will, and b) Trump can ban abortion.

Second item first: Donald Trump cannot end abortions. So even if that is your litmus test for a political candidate, it doesn’t apply to him. Roe v. Wade is out of his power to overrule, even if he does manage to appoint an abortion-critical Supreme Court justice or two. That would take not only him appointing three such justices, which is possible but unlikely, but also an appropriate case working its way through the court system, the Supreme Court agreeing to hear it, and the Supreme Court taking the huge and rare step of overturning a major precedent.

And even if all this happened, undoing Roe would merely send the issue of abortion’s legality back to the states. Assuming this child lives in New York with her parents, she still has nothing to worry about if her political priority is open-season abortion on demand. Perhaps she’s not aware, but New York is a deeply blue state whose progressive politicians are very unlikely to restrict abortion even though their European counterparts typically quite seriously restrict abortion, for women’s health reasons.

So somewhere this child has been fed a pack of political nonsense. And we haven’t even gotten to the other nonsense implied in this outburst, which is the belief that abortion is crucial to women’s advancement. That if women don’t have abortion, bad things will happen. That abortion is a lifeline for women in a tight spot, and other ideas that also constitute scaremongering of vulnerable people like Wentworth and Stephanopoulos’s daughters.

What might the opposite of scaremongering sound like for young ladies on the topic of abortion? How about this. Dear sweet soul: Having sex is a serious thing. Even if you’re perfectly using highly effective contraception, there’s a chance you and your sex partner will have a baby. In that eventuality, you will deeply regret not securing your child’s father to that child if the child came from having sex before marriage. That’s one reason it’s wise to postpone sex until you’ve secured a good home for the babies that sex produces.

But everyone does stupid stuff. And sometimes our stupid mistakes have serious consequences. Sometimes these serious consequences include creating a new life who depends on you for everything at first. It’s a very rewarding yet demanding task, which is another reason to do it within the confines of a marital union with a dependable man. But if your choices lead to creating a child destined to be born in non-optimal circumstances, you have options. Good options that don’t have to “end your life,” or your baby’s. Every person will make others feel inconvenienced at times, but that is a terrible reason to kill anyone.

With the help of the many people everywhere in this country and world who are waiting to surround and support you, you can go through pregnancy and birth and raise your child. If you are really young or in really terrible circumstances, that might be exceedingly difficult. So you have another option to give your child a happy life with a mother and father who will read him or her picture books, take your child on walks, hold your child’s hand during an emergency room visit, and wake up a dozen times a night when that sweet baby has a fever.

It’s called adoption. Thirty-six vetted, loving, wonderful families are on waitlists to adopt every single available baby in this country. That’s right: for every child in this country up for adoption, 36 families desperately yearn for the opportunity to care for that baby. They are aching to give your baby a good life.

You don’t have to be scared about what happens if you or any other women make a dumb decision in a moment of passion. That pain can become joy for so many lives if mothers who planned against their pregnancies made better choices in these tough circumstances.

Abortion is unfortunately not going to end any time soon in this country. But even if it were, millions of moms like me would be overjoyed to step in and care for the babies whose lives this would allow to continue. No mother ever has to feel she’s alone and her baby unwanted. You can stop being so scared. If you don’t want that baby, nothing would make women like me happier than to adopt her as our own.