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NYT Writer Robert Draper Says Media Should Do More Reporting, Less Hot Takes

Robert Draper and Ben Domenech discuss the the future of journalism and how reporters should cover President Trump on Federalist Radio.


Robert Draper, author and writer for New York Times Magazine and National Geographic, joins Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss narrative journalism, how to report in the era of “Fake News,” and the concept of a free press in the US compared to other countries.

Most of the media continues to fall in the trap of Trump, to yell about everything until nothing becomes worth yelling about. “What do you do with the nation’s chief executive when he is constantly saying things that simply are just not true?” Draper said. “[Trump] is a master of the media and no one has played the media more successfully.”

Draper said he resists the temptation of many journalists to give up on objectivity and retreat into their own ideology. “The reflex action to go first-person instead of staying third-person and actually finding out the way the world is– instead of telling the world how your world is– is a reflex that is to be avoided,” he said.

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