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Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years Of Promoting Death

Despite more than half of Americans wanting changes to our abortion culture, our political system protects Planned Parenthood and legal abortion on demand.


Normally anniversaries, especially 100th anniversaries, are a cause for celebration. Many institutions close far before this mark, so persevering to change with the times yet survive is notable.

However, this week is such an anniversary, or birthday if you will, for Planned Parenthood. While some people are celebrating this birthday and focusing on PP’s reproductive health achievements, others mourn the death toll from abortion and the cultural shift to mainstreamed eugenics.

Few organizations are as divisive as Planned Parenthood. Supporters of the organization and of legal abortion view PP as an important provider of women’s health services and worry that any defunding or restrictions will limit women’s autonomy, increase disease rates, and cause families to parent children they don’t want or can’t afford to care for.

On the other side are those who consider abortion wrong, who think every child should have a chance at life, who see other ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and provide children with loving homes, and point to PP’s morally questionable practices that can cover up child abuse.

Telling the Truth that Hurts

The pro-life movement has not been quiet about this birthday. The Center for Medical Progress made headlines nationwide by publishing undercover videos about Planned Parenthood’s disposal of and financial gain from the bodies of aborted babies.

“Millions of Americans are becoming increasingly aware that Planned Parenthood, as the biggest abortion provider in the country, receives over half-a-billion taxpayer dollars annually, and then funnels tens of millions of dollars back into the campaigns of its political cronies to protect itself from scrutiny,” said David Daleiden, CMP’s founder and investigative lead. “Planned Parenthood claims it was founded to reduce out-of-wedlock births and abortion, but over its 100-year history, these outcomes have skyrocketed. Now, by its own reports, Planned Parenthood’s non-abortion services are dropping and it performs more abortions every year than it prevents.”

Daleiden was legally charged for making these investigative videos, and just recently those charges were dropped. Lila Rose, the president of Live Action, has also made undercover videos showing PP being willing to cover up abuses of suspected child sex trafficking victims. Rose’s activism has documented that PP officials are willing to hide abuse of underage women to help them access abortions, instead of connecting them with help to escape that abuse.

“I join with those who mourn the nearly eight million pre-born lives violently cut short in Planned Parenthood facilities since Roe v. Wade,” she said. “This is not a day to celebrate; instead, this is a day to reject Planned Parenthood’s inhumane and elitist ideology: that abortion on demand into the ninth month is acceptable; that some children, because of their handicaps or because they are victims conceived in rape, don’t deserve life and a place of love and respect in our society; and that the aggressive promotion of abortion is a solution to the challenges some minority and low-income women may face.”

Peoples Views Do Change

Outcry has also come from those who were once on the inside of PP, including Abby Johnson, a former director of Planned Parenthood and the founder of And Then There Were None. That’s an organization dedicated to helping workers from abortion clinics leave the abortion industry.

“For 100 years, Planned Parenthood has told women that they aren’t strong enough to be mothers or achieve their goals,” she said. “While Planned Parenthood celebrates their 100-year anniversary and claims #100YearsStrong, it’s time for America to set the record straight and proclaim that they are #100YearsWrong. America deserves better than Planned Parenthood and it’s time for us to bring an end to this nefarious organization.”

Johnson worked for PP for eight years, and has had two abortions of her own. Her shift from pro-choice to pro-life mirrors her current work to help others change their views on abortion and other life issues.

Seventy-eight percent of Americans support some limits to abortions, and 53 percent support restricting almost all abortions. The majority of those who want limits to abortion services support limiting abortion to the first trimester. Those in favor of eliminating almost all abortion want access restricted to cases of rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother.

Despite more than half of Americans wanting changes to our current abortion culture, we’re facing the reality that our political system protects Planned Parenthood and legal abortion on demand. There is a disconnect between the people’s moral beliefs and our politicians’ pretense to represent all of us. This disconnect perpetuates policies that keep PP taxpayer-funded, running, and at the forefront of the American abortion industry.

There is irony in celebrating an anniversary as a birthday when that anniversary is for an organization that has prevented the birthdays of millions of Americans.