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Radio: College Football, Presidential Debates, And Birth Control

Mary Katharine Ham and Gracy Olmstead host today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer, and Gracy Olmstead, associate managing editor, host today’s Federalist Radio Hour to discuss college football, the vice president debate, birth control, mental health, and more.

After attending the Georgia-Tennessee football game in Athens on Saturday, Ham retells the story of one of her team’s greatest losses in SEC history. “One can hope that they are forged in the crappy crucible that was Saturday,” Ham said.

Olmstead recently wrote about partisan “Livability” rankings and the political fracturing that some have seen in our country’s towns and local levels. “A lot of these issues that we see on the national level as so polarizing, make their way out, get thought out and reasoned out on a local level,” she said.

Later in the hour, they discuss the new Danish study linking birth control and depression in women. “It really can erode so much of your daily productivity, your ability to live a happy life, I mean it’s a chemical problem,” Ham said. “You don’t know what is you and what is synthetic hormones.”

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