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Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Handicap Is Her Love For Abortion

The same people with disabilities for whom Clinton advocates are the same people who survived her abortion activism while they were in the womb.


In Wednesday’s speech on jobs, Hillary Clinton made a beautiful plea for those with disabilities, without recognizing her own handicap: an abortion worldview. The double standard for helping those with disabilities while advocating for abortion does not seem to be contradictory in her own mind—so much so that it can be likened to the great story by Robert Louis Stevenson: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

To refresh the reader’s memory, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is about a doctor struggling with a dual, mutating personality that seems uncontrollable by the novel’s conclusion. Dr. Jekyll is an upstanding gentleman whose personal and professional life seem normal and life-saving. Yet his second personality transforms him into a creature with no conscience, who pays no mind to the dignity of those around him.

In modern politics, there seems to be another strange case: the strange case of Hillary Clinton. In her September 21 speech in Orlando, Clinton articulately discussed the need to come together to support those with disabilities. She argued they should not be hidden from society or segregated, but should rather serve others through the dignity of education and work, using their God-given gifts in the public square.

Clinton’s “Dr. Jekyll” moment, as it were, was amazing. She talked about the years she worked to ensure that people with disabilities would have the ability to reach their potential and participate in society.

I agree with Clinton. I work with a beautiful girl who has an intellectual disability, and she never ceases to amaze me. She is not only smiling and optimistic all the time, but intelligent and always reaching new heights in her education. Very soon she will join the workforce, and I am looking forward to the wonderful work she will do—not only professionally but also in serving those around her with an attitude and spirit of joy. I agree with Clinton that she should not be isolated from society because of her handicap.

But unfortunately, Mr. Hyde has also appeared on the national stage many times as Clinton fought for people with disabilities. The handicap that appears with her “Mr. Hyde” moments is an abortion worldview: one in which human lives are disposable if they are not valuable politically or in the moment.

The same people with disabilities for whom Clinton advocates are the same people who survived her abortion activism while they were in the womb. On Wednesday, she spoke beautifully of a girl with Down Syndrome who worked for 30 years at a restaurant and was beloved by all of her coworkers.

Clinton forgot to account for the 90 percent of Down Syndrome children whose mothers end their lives in the womb because their disability is easily detectable—leaving them with no opportunity to reach their potential. For a woman who so deeply understands the beauty these children bring to the world, it is shocking that Clinton still so closely allies herself with their biggest opponents: Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Which Clinton should the public believe? With fewer than 40 days until the election, voters must uncover the truth behind the dual personalities to find which one will win out if Clinton becomes president.

Unfortunately, these two worldviews do not coincide. A worldview of highlighting and upholding the dignity of every human person and having a worldview of allowing those same human beings to be killed in the womb do not work together. In fact, they simply cancel each other out. Because of this, Clinton’s unrestrained Mr. Hyde personality will always overcome the Dr. Jekyll within her, so the pro-abortion lobby will always win when she faces major decisions.