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Why Lifelong Democrats In Pennsylvania Are Voting For Donald Trump

Salena Zito joined the Federalist Radio Hour to share her conversations with voters in Western Pennsylvania and their thoughts on 2016.


Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, Ben Domenech recapped his Intelligence Squared debate from last week on blaming the elites for Trump, and spoke to Salena Zito, national political reporter, about why Democrats in Pennsylvania are voting for Trump.

Zito described the Western Pennsylvanian democrats who had never voted Republican in their life, yet are voting for Trump. “What was interesting to me, is not that they love Donald Trump. It is more that they have this feeling that he has their back,” Zito said. “When he makes gafs or says things that are inappropriate, or politically incorrect, or awful, they don’t hear that. What they hear is someone who talks in the same way that they do.”

There has been a focus this election cycle on struggling communities and how conservatives should respond to the towns hit hardest by globalization and the decline in manufacturing. “The way the democratic machine has been able to put a stranglehold on these voters is by promising, not only that they were going to bring things back, but holding them captive by dolling out money,” she said. “But in the 30 years since Democrats have been doing that, that has changed and these are voters are starting to understand the economy doesn’t work that way.”

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