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The Booby Trap Bra Is A Great Option For Packing Heat On A Run


With several attacks on female joggers in the headlines, it is only normal for us ladies to be a little anxious about going on a run alone. In August, Karina Vetrano was sexually assaulted and then strangled to death while jogging in Queens. Less than a week later in Massachusetts, Google account manager Vanessa Marcotte was attacked, raped, and perhaps set on fire before finishing her run. As a woman and former Googler myself, it really hit home.

Women are usually smaller, physically weaker, and slower than males, making them easy targets. That is, if they are alone and unarmed.

Last year, a few women in the Tucson area (not far from where I reside) were attacked while on jogging trails. One woman was raped, and thankfully that man is now behind bars. Regardless, we all know there are more prowlers out there, waiting for a chance to do the same thing to another woman. It’s clear running outside alone and weaponless is not a wise option.

A few weeks ago I found out about Booby Trap Bras, and since I am all for protecting myself, staying active, and supporting small businesses, I decided to give it a whirl. Upon checking out the website, I found that the woman behind the knife- or pepper-spray-concealing bras had her own scary jogging story—she was jumped while on a run. She had zero protection, and the incident prompted her to concoct a way to “Stay safe. Stay active.”

Now for a Test Run

The check-out process on was painless. Owner and designer Jennifer Cutrona was extremely helpful in answering my questions politely and quickly. After sorting out some sizing and color matters, I received a blue Booby Trap Bra, complete with a compartment in the cleavage for concealing their small knife (sold on their website, and made by Bench Mark). The compartment was not big enough to conceal my .380, but the knife fits safely and securely inside. No one would suspect I was armed.

Of course, I tested the booby holster out almost immediately. I get moderately excited about sharp shiny things and new clothes. I tested the comfort by sprinting in the sports bra and did some circuit training involving jumping motions. This was a pretty important test, since none of us want two black eyes from working out. You know what I’m talking about, ladies.

Also, let’s be honest, if you have “mom boobs” they have a tendency to wander off if you don’t strap those fun bags in securely. It’s not fun to have a baby feeder slip out the bottom of your over-the-shoulder boulder-holder in mid-jumping jack. I was ecstatic to find that it was both comfortable and functional during an array of different workouts. The bra kept my liberty bells in, and the knife stayed snugly in its pouch throughout the test.

Next, for Role-Play

The second test I ran on the Booby Trap Bra was something my husband was all too happy to help with: role-playing an attack. Stop judging us. I know you are.

My husband grabbed me from behind, simulating how many jogger attacks started. He wrapped his arms around me, securing my arms to my chest. My hands were thus very close to the knife stashed in my cleavage. With little effort, I was able to pull out my weapon. Of course, I didn’t cut him. The role-playing then went in an entirely different direction after that, but that’s not really any of your concern. Bottom line: the bra passed yet another important test with flying colors.

The third and final test was how the mammary muzzle stood up to washing and drying. I am happy to report no color bleeding or shrinking. After two washes, it still fits the same as it did the first time I donned it. Third test: A+.

The Booby Trap Bra was a sound investment. It’s lightweight, visually appealing, and designed with self-defense in mind. If you cannot carry a gun on a run due to comfort or cost, this is definitely the bra for you. You can be protected without sacrificing your regular workout routine.

Furthermore, with many laws, fees, and regulations some states have made it increasingly difficult to obtain a permit to carry a firearm. For instance, New York City requires almost $500 to apply for your concealed-carry permit. California requires you to register a specific firearm to carry, on top of not allowing any visitors from other states to carry a gun for protection. I am in a gun-friendly state, but working out with a gun on my hip is not always doable. So despite your legal environment, this bra should fit you fine.