Krystle Schoonveld
Krystle Schoonveld

Krystle Schoonveld is a stay-at-home mom of three, a military wife, and veteran, who runs a small photography business on the side. She is also the co-host for Vigilant Liberty Radio’s Tuesday night show The Roundtable of Extreme Liberty.

She is originally from North Carolina, but currently resides in southern Arizona. Krystle holds a degree in information systems management. Follow her on Twitter: @TarheelKrystle.

Half The Fun Of Being A Parent Is Trolling Your Children

Whether it’s telling them the ice cream truck only plays music when it’s out of ice cream, or vegetables will make their eyelashes grow, trolling your kids is endless entertainment.

You Need More Than A Gun For Self Defense

Even if you know how to protect yourself with a gun, preparing for multiple types of attack scenarios is wise, and may very well save your life. 

The Booby Trap Bra Is A Great Option For Packing Heat On A Run

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What Is It Like To Fire An AR-15? Comfortable, Therapeutic, And Unfairly Criticized

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If VA Hospitals Were Theme Parks, No One Would Die While Waiting

Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald trivialized making veterans wait a long time for crucial health care because people also wait at theme parks.

6 Reasons To Sext Your Husband

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