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Radio: Ranking The Most Underrated Disney Movies With Mary Katharine Ham

Christine Rouselle of shares her Disney addication with Mary Katharine Ham on Federalist Radio Hour.


Christine Rousselle, managing web editor at, joined Mary Katharine Ham in studio to discuss Trump’s meeting with the President of Mexico on Wednesday, and to share a number of underrated Disney movies for parents who are sick of “Frozen.”

Initial comments from Trump after his meeting in Mexico yesterday implied that they did not discuss who would pay for the much anticipated wall. “It is unclear where he stands because it is unclear almost everyday. This is the one issue on which it was always fairly clear until the past two weeks when he decided to make it unclear,” Ham said.

Despite it’s animation, musical numbers, and complex plot lines that address racial and power structures, Disney’s 2009 “Princess and The Frog” is one children’s movie that got overshadowed by the rise of Pixar. “One thing I like about it versus “Frozen” is that the magic that drives the story is explained, whereas in ‘Frozen’ it’s just there,” Ham said.

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