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Podcast: Russian Bots, Swing States, And ‘The Lesser Of Two Evils’ Election

The Washington Post’s James Hohmann joins today’s Federalist Radio Hour.


James Hohmann, Washington Post national political correspondent and author of the Daily 202 newsletter, to discuss Russian meddling in the 2016 race, backlash from Eastern European pockets in America, and the status of swing states in this election.

“These people have interests that are contrary to America’s interest. These aren’t just bots. This is real,” Hohmann said of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and the Kremlin media outlets’ support for Trump.  “That’s the thing to think about with Putin is he is a bad actor and he has sinister ambitions.”

Hohmann said he thinks Trump is bad at time management and has yet to show he can run a professional campaign. “The most valuable commodity that a presidential candidate has is time,” he said. “I don’t think spending a couple of hours on Sunday night tweeting at Joe and Mika on Morning Joe is productive way to spend your time if you’re a major party nominee.”

Listen here: