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State Department Won’t Release 15,000 Newly Discovered Hillary Clinton E-mails Until After Election


Surprise! It’s not all wedding plans and yoga poses.


The FBI just found nearly 15,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private, unsanctioned, and unsecured server she illegally used to transmit classified information during her tenure as secretary of State.

The 14,900 emails are nearly 50 percent more than the initial 30,000 documents Clinton turned over at the beginning of the investigation in 2014. Judicial Watch, the transparency group that has sued the State Department to dig up the emails, plans to sue again so these newly discovered emails will be released.

Clinton has repeatedly stated she already turned over all of her work-related emails and the correspondence she gave government officials contained nothing more than mundane things like yoga poses. She has also said that none of her emails contained classified information — a statement FBI Director James Comey publicly admitted is completely false.

Clinton risked lives of American intelligence assets by transmitting top secret information from her private email server — which was less secure than a Gmail account and was stored in a bathroom.

The FBI turned over the newly discovered emails to the State Department on August 5 so they could review and turn them over to the public, but the department has yet to confirm it will do so before the election.

“It looks like the State Department is trying to slow-roll the release of the records,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said Monday, according to The Washington Post. “They’ve had them for at least a month, and we still don’t know when we’re going to get them.”

State Department lawyers told Fitton they probably won’t release Clinton’s emails before the election in November, as they’re only planning to put out a schedule for a rolling release of the documents in October.

In July, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Department of Justice won’t press charges against Clinton. Lynch made the announcement just after she secretly met with Bill Clinton aboard a private jet on a tarmac in Phoenix. If elected, Hillary Clinton is reportedly planning to keep Lynch as attorney general. Their relationship has spurred many to believe there’s an underlying conflict of interest.

In 2015, the DOJ shut down an FBI investigation into whether Hillary Clinton was using the State Department to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors. While serving as secretary, top State Department aides repeatedly did favors for Clinton Foundation bigwigs, newly released emails revealed.