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Matt Schlapp Argues Why Conservatives Should Vote Trump Over Clinton

Is Donald Trump actually a racist? Is a vote for Trump the same as an endorsement?


Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, talked about the latest polls, the question about whether Donald Trump is a actually a racist, and debated with Ben about what a vote for Trump really means to a conservative.

“I know that [Trump] looks at these polls, I know that they impact him. I know that when he has a bad stretch like he did with the California judge, and other episodes, I think it changes him because he sees the impact,” Schlapp said. “He responds to that as a business person, as one of the metrics.”

Schlapp argued that the immigration plan of George W Bush is the same as Trump’s but with different labels. “People are calling Donald Trump a racist for a policy that tells illegals they have to go home, get legal, and then come back. Whereas, they told George W Bush that he was a sell-out amnesty squish,” Schlapp said. “Let’s all get a little more honest and detailed about these things before we start throwing out these terrible condemations.”

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