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Radio: RNC Day Two, Black Lives Matter, And Baton Rouge

Mollie Hemingway and Bre Payton break down last night’s speeches in Cleveland and hear from M.G. Oprea who is reporting on the ground at the RNC.


After another night of controversial speeches and crowds chanting for justice, Mollie Hemingway and Bre Payton recap RNC Day Two on today’s Federalist Radio Hour. M.G. Oprea, Federalist senior contributor, also joined to report what she has seen and heard on the ground in Cleveland.

In writing the speech for Donald Trump Jr., Frank H. Buckley essentially plagiarized by quoting from his own published writing. “I do think that media are overreaching here,” Hemingway said. “I don’t think people care even about whether Melania lifted words from Michelle Obama, much less whether a speechwriter was quoting himself.”

Later in the hour, Hemingway and Payton discussed the media’s coverage of the Black Lives Matter movement in the wake of police shootings.

“Black Lives Matter has not been well served by some of the more extreme rhetoric coming from some of its leaders or proponents, but at the same time I think communities really do care and do want their to be a healthy interaction between police and the people they serve,” Hemingway said.

Listen here: