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What Do Immigration, Brexit, and Globalization Mean for Our Economy?

Daniel Griswold joined Federalist Radio Hour to talk trade policy and it’s impact on the global economy.


Daniel Griswold is a senior research fellow and co-director of the program on the American Economy and Globalization at the Mercatus Center. Griswold discussed the implications of Brexit, of immigration, and how trade really impacts US workers.

“There’s no doubt some people are disadvantaged by global competition and competition generally. There are far more Americans who benefit from our engagement in the global economy than who lose out,” Griswold said.

The decision for Britain to leave the EU is a leap in the dark for their country, Griswold said. “This is going to jeopardize some foreign investments,” he said. “Britain is the world’s 5th largest economy, Europe’s second largest economy, they’ve never a country withdraw, never mind one as big and and important as Britain.”

Immigration is an issue that has proved easy to demagogue, both in Europe and America. “I think we have to have some kind of intelligent, well-crafted path to legalization for those who are here illegally,” he said. “The only alternative to illegal immigration I believe is to expand channels for legal immigration.”

Listen here:

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