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Radio: Economic Inequality, Entitlement Reform, and Globalization

Michael Tanner at the Cato Institute joined Federalist Radio to explain the role of economics in our communities, our job markets, and our national debt.


Michael Tanner, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, joined Federalist Radio to talk about how economic policy and poverty has impacted African Americans and their communities. He also discussed globalization, the national debt, the entitlement crisis and his new book, Going For Broke.

A web of criminal backgrounds, lack of employment opportunities, out-of-wedlock births, have serious economic impacts in inner cities. “In terms of social welfare policy, we need to recognize the over criminalization that goes on in America has a real impact on poverty in this country,” Tanner said.

Despite years of frustration with entitlement reform, deficits, and America’s debt, there has been a lack of concern coming from leading presidential candidates. “We had made some progress for various reasons. The deficit had actually fallen last year to about $430 billion or so,” Tanner said. “Basically we had a little respite and we forgot about it and now you have two candidates on the trail who both reject any sort of reform to entitlement policy.”

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