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How the Media Treats Trump, Guns, Romney, and Deceptive Editing

Free Beacon Media Analyst explains what the mainstream media’s coverage of Trump has changed in a matter of weeks.


On today’s Federalist Radio Hour, Alyssa Canobbio, media analyst at the Washington Free Beacon shared of some of the most annoying aspects of the mainstream media and the media’s ignorance when it comes to covering not just politics, but events like the Orlando shooting.

“They’ll say one thing and it sets off the far left and that sets off the far right to go after the far left,” Canobbio said. “The lack of understanding and the lack of knowledge and the lack wanting to understand– you don’t see Joan Walsh going out and trying to learn about guns.”

As a New Jersey native, and former employee of Donald Trump, Canobbio gave some insight into the local impression of the Republican front runner. “He bankrupted Atlantic City and put so many people out of work,” she said.

Later in the hour, Canobbio talks weddings, deceptive editing controversies, and the decline of trust in media.

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